Blake Clark

Lead Pastor

After ministering in Tennessee, North Carolina and Arizona, Blake moved to St. Pete, Florida in 2007 to serve as a youth minister. Over the next five years, while working in the community with students, Blake fell in love with the city and people of St. Petersburg. After a year and a half of Sabbath and rest while focusing on hearing and speaking to God, Blake returned to St. Pete to start Radius Church in September of 2014.

Blake loves people and has a gift of communicating both vision and the Word of God. He is excited to lead this group of Jesus followers who strive to be on mission and show the tangible love of God in their community.

Amanda ClarkFamily Pastor

Amanda Clark is from St. Marys, West Virginia. She met her husband, Blake, in college where she was studying Communication. They have been married, and have ministered together, for the last 18 years.

Radius is an active mission-minded church with many ministries including outreaches into the homeless community.  Amanda is involved in many parts of the church as it grows and transforms.  

Amanda and Blake have two children. Amanda's word for the year is "undoubtedly.” Her current prayer for her life is, “God, reveal Your dreams to me. Let Your light be seen in me. Increase my faith.” 

Her current food obsession is spicy sweet potato fries and her favorite activity is kayaking around in the Tampa Bay area. One of her greatest joys is getting to teach women from the Word of God.

Kirsten KnoxLeader — RadStudents

Kirsten has taken on the opportunity of leading our RadStudents.

She is a Hoosier who grew up in small towns of rural Indiana. After graduating from college, she moved to Clearwater and began working in youth ministry. She spent 17 years serving families and students, and now leads the Youth Ministry Institute of Florida; a non-profit organization that coaches and trains youth ministers. Kirsten is devoted to helping all people discover their God given value and creating safe spaces for people to be their true self.

She is married to her husband, Jay. They enjoy sports, especially competing in their family fantasy football league, serving in the community together, and laughing. They have two super cute doggies that they love, and some may say, spoil. If you ask Kirsten, she'll just say, "They are cared for well."

Laura CarrollLeader – RadKids (Elementary)

A native to St. Petersburg, Laura met her husband at church, and they have been married for more than 31 years. She and her husband have two adult children, Kate and Rob, and two grandchildren, Amelia and Tyler, who affectionately call her Nana.

Laura has been involved in Children’s Ministry for more than 34 years and brings that devotion and experience to her role as RadKids Leader. Serving children from Kindergarten to 5th Grad, RadKids’ mission statement is, “We Bless Kids,” which tells how important children are to Radius Church. The children are excited to learn about Jesus through music, Bible Stories, crafts, and games.  

What does Laura like to do when she is not spreading love and the Gospel to the Elementary-aged children at Radius? She enjoys sewing, reading books, and watching old movies. Laura also loves spending time with family and friends and studying God’s Word.

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Laura is proud to call this City her hometown! Having lived here for almost her entire life, she relishes the history of St Petersburg and has loved seeing it change over the years.

Leader — RadKids (Preschool & Younger)

Jenn leads our nursery and preschool at Radius and enjoys seeing all the little kids each week and getting to know them and their families better.

Jenn has one daughter, three stepsons, and a corgi named Chewbacca. When she isn't taking care of all of them, she teaches middle school Math, Science and English. In her down time, she enjoys reading, puzzles, and binge watching shows on Netflix, as well as spending time at Disney and all things Harry Potter!

Jenn loves the diversity of St. Petersburg. One of her favorite things are the murals all over DTSP. St. Petersburg is full of so many different types of people who all have one thing in common: the need to know that they are loved and cared for. She believes that Radius has a great opportunity and responsibility to show them that love!

Andrew RoehmWorship Leader

Andrew is our Worship Leader. He seeks to recognize, help create and amplify the culture of worship that is unique to Radius.

He describes himself as food motivated, and is always a few snacks, or a meal away from being your best friend. Forever. He's always willing to fellowship with people over food and get to know them better. He also loves board games, running, playing music, and hugs.

Andrew's wife Sarah also sings on our worship team; and no doubt, their son Judah will too one day—after he is born, of course.
Andrew loves the culture and energy of St. Pete. He has lived a lot of places, and none of them love like St. Pete does. There is such a spirit of acceptance laced throughout this city. If you love something, you can find someone in St. Pete who not only loves it too, but will celebrate it with you. Regardless of age, race, gender, or any other criteria, there is something here for everyone. It's a gigantic melting pot that has no preconceived ideas about what is and isn't allowed. Andrew says, "There are two types of people—those who love St. Pete, and those who haven't been here yet.

Want to get to know Andrew better? Talk to him on Sunday morning or connect with him online.

Instagram: @bonjourachilles

Wade HobsonLeader - Groups

Born in Hope, Arkansas, Wade moved to St. Petersburg and started going to Radius in 2016. He is a father, husband, hog caller, and Christ follower – but not necessarily in that order! In some respects, he is a man’s man and enjoys things such as hunting, fishing, football, and black coffee. On the flip side, he also likes “not so manly” things, like Harry Potter, classical music, flip flops, and chocolate milk. He really likes connecting with people on a deeper level over a black coffee … or a glass of chocolate milk.

Wade leads all things small group, including home groups, interest groups, and Rad classes. His goal is to create places for people to go who want to learn, build relationships, grow in their faith, and/or just find a safe place to talk.

When it comes to personal interests, Wade is all about food, and likes meat. He enjoys watching University of Arkansas sports. In addition, he likes fishing, but doesn’t have a boat, so he also enjoys making new friends with people who have boats. And elaborating on his Harry Potter connection, he enjoys Harry Potter marathons on rainy days, as well as the not so rainy days.

What does Wade love about St. Pete? The fact that it is a big little city. There is so much to do, but everything is local. There is a large, diverse population, but it’s as friendly and welcoming as a small town. He especially loves that you can see how God has had a long-standing presence here but can also see a fresh/new movement.

Do you have a boat or want to get to know Wade better? Talk to him on Sunday morning, or connect with him online.



Brennan PowellLeader – Prayer Team

Brennan was born and raised in St. Pete, and has been a partner at Radius for 2 years along with his beautiful wife, Leah. He loves talking to people and building relationships that bring new and exciting things into his life.

Brennan heads up the Prayer Team at Radius. Throughout the week and on Sundays, he spends time praying for Blake, and all the leaders serving, as well as the people who attend our gathering.

When not praying for Radius, Brennan loves to read and learn about almost anything he can get his hands on. He really enjoys working with his hands, building or repairing pretty much anything mechanical. He also really likes weightlifting, and mixed martial arts. He’s always up for hearing or telling a great story, and can never get enough music.  

Brennan really loves the abundance of history in St. Petersburg. There's so much great art and architecture in downtown St. Petersburg, and seeing how everything has grown and developed is really amazing to him.  He takes pleasure in knowing that the town he was born and raised in has a rich background and great people that make it a beautiful and unique place to live.