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Brennan PowellLeader – Prayer Team

Brennan was born and raised in St. Pete, and has been a partner at Radius for 2 years along with his beautiful wife, Leah. He loves talking to people and building relationships that bring new and exciting things into his life.

Brennan heads up the Prayer Team at Radius. Throughout the week and on Sundays, he spends time praying for Blake, and all the leaders serving, as well as the people who attend our gathering.

When not praying for Radius, Brennan loves to read and learn about almost anything he can get his hands on. He really enjoys working with his hands, building or repairing pretty much anything mechanical. He also really likes weightlifting, and mixed martial arts. He’s always up for hearing or telling a great story, and can never get enough music.  

Brennan really loves the abundance of history in St. Petersburg. There's so much great art and architecture in downtown St. Petersburg, and seeing how everything has grown and developed is really amazing to him.  He takes pleasure in knowing that the town he was born and raised in has a rich background and great people that make it a beautiful and unique place to live.