Wade HobsonLeader - Groups

Born in Hope, Arkansas, Wade moved to St. Petersburg and started going to Radius in 2016. He is a father, husband, hog caller, and Christ follower – but not necessarily in that order! In some respects, he is a man’s man and enjoys things such as hunting, fishing, football, and black coffee. On the flip side, he also likes “not so manly” things, like Harry Potter, classical music, flip flops, and chocolate milk. He really likes connecting with people on a deeper level over a black coffee … or a glass of chocolate milk.

Wade leads all things small group, including home groups, interest groups, and Rad classes. His goal is to create places for people to go who want to learn, build relationships, grow in their faith, and/or just find a safe place to talk.

When it comes to personal interests, Wade is all about food, and likes meat. He enjoys watching University of Arkansas sports. In addition, he likes fishing, but doesn’t have a boat, so he also enjoys making new friends with people who have boats. And elaborating on his Harry Potter connection, he enjoys Harry Potter marathons on rainy days, as well as the not so rainy days.

What does Wade love about St. Pete? The fact that it is a big little city. There is so much to do, but everything is local. There is a large, diverse population, but it’s as friendly and welcoming as a small town. He especially loves that you can see how God has had a long-standing presence here but can also see a fresh/new movement.

Do you have a boat or want to get to know Wade better? Talk to him on Sunday morning, or connect with him online.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wade.r.hobson
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wade_hobson