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Acts 6:7 (TLB) “God’s message was preached in ever-widening circles, and the number of disciples increased vastly in Jerusalem…”

Our Mission

Radius Church Strategy

We are a people on mission moving out in ever-widening circles to change our world. We seek to inspire all who attend to be a radius of Jesus in their family, community, and world.

We are passionate about getting people on mission for Jesus, and we see these 3 circles as the way.

The Circles are not isolated but overlap….In fact, we believe that the optimal place for a follower on mission is where these circles converge.  We want to INSPIRE every follower to exist there. Balance is the key to success. We believe that no one circle is more important than the other; and when we get too focused on one, we run the risk of getting off balance and therefore off mission.



Radius Church Gatherings

We chose an image of a signal tower to represent two way communication. Just as a signal tower sends and receives information, our gatherings are designed to give everyone the opportunity to speak to and hear from God.

Through this experience with our creator, we seek to reach those who might not yet believe and share the good news with them, and teach those who do believe to help them move from being a believer to being a follower of Jesus.

Downtown St Pete Church Gatherings


Growing in our spiritual walk takes time. Just as the the growth of a tree cannot be accurately determined by looking at it from the outside, but can be clearly seen in its cross section, our growth also leaves a mark on us whether people can see it or not.

Radius Groups offer people the opportunity to share the marks of their growth with those closest to them; their neighbors. And in so doing, for new marks as we grow together.

We seek to reach those people that live in our neighborhoods and build authentic relationships with them, and teach by fostering spiritual and relational growth within the group.

Downtown St Pete Church Groups


One pebble dropped in water will send ripples across its surface. A thousand rocks will create noticeable change.

We seek to unite together to accomplish the Church mission by creating ripples of God’s Love in many and various ways. We sponsor community outreach with resources and opportunities to enable followers to accomplish Church Mission, and we teach others by supporting followers as they are individually led to reach out through their Personal Mission.

Downtown St Pete Church Community