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source Mirror Lake was St. Petersburg's first reservoir and served as the source of the town's drinking water. Can you believe that? That little lake, the one you've driven past a thousand times, was once the sole source of fresh drinking water for all of St. Pete. Of course St. Pete was much smaller then, but without that fresh water source, the city never would have been able to thrive the way it did. St. Petersburg went to the source, and from the source, was able to grow and grow. Just like St. Petersburg had a source, we too have a source. The difference is, our source will never run out, will never go bad, and will always be abundant. So why do we only go to the source in times of need? Why do we only visit our source on Sunday mornings? We spend the majority of our time looking to ourselves to be the source. We say, "If I can just get <insert your desire>, then my life will be full." Maybe it's a car, or that next promotion. Maybe it's just getting all your bills paid this month. Maybe it's jewelry or electronics, shoes or tools. Whatever it may be, we focus our attention on ways to get what we want thinking that will make life better. And then when we get what we put so much time, focus, and money into, we realize life is pretty much the same. Nothing changed. We still have that empty feeling inside. So stuff isn't the source. Other times we think that if we could just get this one relationship right, then we'd be happy. If we can fix our marriages, or get that guy (or girl) to like us then we will be happy. If more people thought we were attractive, then we'd feel better about who we are. As time passes, it feels like we are running in place, hardly able to make progress at fixing our relationship, getting people to like us, or finding fulfillment in what other people think about us. That feeling of being un-loved remains. So other people aren't the source. Then what is it? Where does peace and abundant life come from?

John 14:6 (NLT) Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

Notice here that Jesus does not say that he has a map to show the way. He doesn't say he knows the truth. He doesn't say he knows a guy whose cousin's ex-girfriend's aunt's former boss's dad went to college with a guy who had life (once for breakfast). No, Jesus tells us he IS the way. He IS the truth. He IS the life. Jesus is the source. God put on a man suit and came down to Earth as one of us. He came to show us how to love one another. He came to give us the truth. He came to provide abundant life for us all. Through his teachings, his death, and resurrection, God provided the way, the truth, and the life for everyone who chooses to accept it. Can you see him? He's right there, reaching out to you. In every religion around the world, people have to rely on themselves as the source. It's up to them to climb the mountain towards something greater. But, the God who created the universe, the God in who Radius Church puts their faith, came down from the mountain to to meet us where we are, to lift us up, put us on his back, and carry us up to the top of the mountain to spend eternity with him. Wherever you are right now. Whatever is happening in your life. Look up to him, realize you need the source, and call out to him. Seek him. Talk to him. Experience his love in your life. He is more than just your insurance policy for eternity. He is more than just teachings in a book. He is the way, the truth, AND the life. Is it time you let him into your life?