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lies Lies. Why do we believe them? When we are young, we believe we can do anything. When we are young, we don't care what the world thinks of us. When we are young, everything around us is new, and exciting. Somewhere along the way we start listening to other people, and believing them. They tell us we can't, and so we don't. They tell us we shouldn't, and so we stop. They tell us we are being unrealistic, and so we get real. The lies of the world borough their way into our minds until we convince ourselves they are true.

"Of course I can't be an astronaut."

"Of course I shouldn't tryout for that play."

"Of course it is unrealistic to think I could be a writer."

We forget the thousand good things people say about us and remember the one bad thing. We get so used to believing the lies that we start to make up our own.

"I'm worthless."

"I'm insignificant."

"God doesn't love me."

"This is too small for God."

"God could never forgive me."

"God is not there."

And where does that leave us? Feeling worthless and alone. So what do we do? We look for other sources for happiness. Have you been there? Have you been in a place where you felt alone, and sought out something you knew was bad for you, but that you also knew would numb that feeling of loneliness, depression, or despair? That's called sin. It's more than likely that you know what you should do. You should seek out your Creator. You should get in the Word and find the truth and promises God has given us. You should get around a body of believers who will lift you up, speak truth into your life, and pray over you. You should recognize the lies you choose to believe are prompted by an enemy that wants nothing more than for you to have a broken, dead relationship with the one true God. The truth is God is big enough to love/bless/redeem/heal/save us all. Our job is to start filling our heads with so much truth that there is no more room for the lies. And from our heads, the truth will flow into our hearts, and we will become a visible, tangible evidence of Jesus in our communities. But where do we start? Where are God's promises in the Bible? We've created a resource for you. Click HERE to download verses of truth. God has already done the work to mend our broken relationship. He's already defeated the one who brought the lies into our world. God wants you to know His promises, and to declare them for your life. You can do it. You are capable. You have what it takes. He does love you. It's not too late.