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Where's the good in that?

There are times in life when you are faced with dark days.  When the ground falls out from under you.  This last weekend my wife and I found out her father passed away unexpectedly. It was shocking. It was sad.  It was hard to find any good in it.

That must have been what it felt like with Jesus closest friends, that Friday evening so many years ago.  To them this was such a sudden change of events. They had just had supper with him the night before, everybody was there, there was food, friends and love.  I mean, Jesus was saying some cryptic things, but they had no idea what was coming. At the beginning of the week they had walked into the city with the people praising a triumphant King, but today their hopes are dashed, their friend is dead. Today we call this day Good, but that day seemed anything but good.  What changed? It was the resurrection. You see the resurrection changed everything,  it gave hope to hopelessness. It gave purpose to the pain. It brought light to the darkness.  The resurrection revealed the greater purpose in the pain. It showed that God was moving, even when it seemed like He was absent.

 So today is good, not because of what happened, but because of what happened next. We can look for the good in our pain because of that day.  Now despite our pain and loss we know there is one who overcame it and no matter how dark it looks, God is moving on our behalf.  So it is a good Friday indeed!

Join us on Easter as we celebrate the resurrection. On Sunday, at 9 or 11 am we will hear from and speak to God through the Uncensored message of Easter.