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radius birthdayThis past Sunday, Radius celebrated its first birthday. One year ago a group of people came together with vision, passion, hope to begin something new and fresh in Downtown St. Petersburg. A whole year has already passed, and I can't help but see reflections of a young infant in Radius.

In the first year of a child's life there is so much that happens. Not only is there an addition of new life into multiple people's worlds, but there is also potential and promise. Radius embodies so many of the little things that makes an infant beautiful and captivating.

This past Sunday we celebrated the fact that we, the people that gather together are the church. Much like an infant, we have things that may be associated with our gathering the same way an infant may be dressed in certain clothes (the building we meet in), or a cute nickname (the label of Radius). But at the core of it all, it is people that come together and the relationships shared in those gatherings that make a church. The same kind of raw and unfiltered love that an infant shows can be seen when the people of Radius come together.

In similar fashion, the "realness" of an infant is unparalleled. If it hungers, thirsts, cries, or laughs, it does it without reserve or consideration of how it may be perceived. The members of Radius see our faith in that same way, striving to achieve and celebrating the real and lasting impact unashamed love can have. This past Sunday we celebrated the fact that we don't go out and love others because of rules, regulations, or religion. We move out in ever-widening circles to love each and every person we encounter to the best of our ability, because we have been loved so completely in very real ways.

We also celebrated the dreams that we have, and the promise of what is still to come for us and for every person in the city we live in. The potential of an infant is unmatched, and we glance back at this past year knowing that we have that same kind of immense potential to do wonderful things for all people. We know there is more to learn as we move forward together, and even though we may experience growing pains once in awhile, there is a promise of healing and hope.  Our eternally living and loving Father will always come to our rescue, dust us off, and encourage us to keep reaching to accomplish more.

So we invite you, whether you have never even driven past a church, or if you've attended for years, to join us in our celebration. Join us in celebrating the life all of us have been given, the people that we are, the love that fills us up, and the promise of dreams that can come true when we partner with the Source of it all.

Happy Birthday Radius, and here's to many more!

In case you missed it, you can watch Blake's message here.