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This week’s talk was the third in the Into the Unknown series at Radius.  In this series, we’ve had a chance to look at how we face the unknowns in our lives.  This week’s talk looked at Israel’s encounters with God and their own creation of the golden calf.  If you missed this week’s talk you can catch it here

Don’t Be Afraid To Dream Big.

This was one of Amanda’s exhortations that stuck out to me.  Dream Big.  I couldn’t possibly.  I’m entirely too practical for that.  Keep my plans small, and then they’ll probably work out.  And that brings me to another point Amanda made, “Accept that you are not in control.”  A small dream or plan is something that I feel is in my control.  Just because I feel in control does not mean that I am.  It just gives me the illusion that I am.  And, I am quite content to live in that illusion.  However, what kind of growth am I going to have within that illusion?  I will have very little growth along with my very small dreams.  But it feels safe.  Maybe safe-ish?