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The Bible is a living book. The longer and more fully I live, the more it seems to come alive. May 21st  gathering highlighted the story of Balaam and his donkey (also—I’m going to call him Clive because Balaam’s donkey just seems dismissive). 

The larger context is of course that Israel and the Moabites were at odds again. They existed in the same space and had similar requirements for life and so, the Moabite king wanted Israel out of the picture.

The first lesson for me is that a scarcity mindset is completely at odds with how God works and how we are called to work as a community. This means that if a “competitor” opens up across the street, I can send business their way and trust that it will come back to me. Kingdom business requires us to lose the “not enough-ness” that we are programmed with by the world. We get to model out sufficiency as believers—which means we take ONLY what we need to accomplish the task at hand. The instant we take more than we need—our “daily bread”—we introduce tension into the equation, struggling to “get mine”. Tension is the physical signpost that fear is present. Fear immediately cuts off the flow of God’s abundance because it immediately throws us into “not enough-ness” or Insufficiency.

God is always enough and in God’s presence there is always enough. So, if I’m in insufficiency,

I’m sitting smack where God ISN’T, not where God is.

Stay tuned to hear all about the adventures of Clive and the whole flaming sword angel thing.