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success story

This week we have a guest post from one of our Radius family members. Loni was inspired by Blake's message on Sunday, and wanted to share her thoughts. Take extra care to read Loni's words. Her words describe a success story, of sorts. Her success story is one of trust. She put her trust in a friend, and in so doing, realized she could apply the same principle in her relationship with her creator; our creator. Sometimes, we just have to step out on faith. And, like the success story of Joseph that Blake spoke about on Sunday, Loni's story requires her to partner with God.

Check it out.

I am in the midst of making travel plans with a good friend of mine. The travel is international and getting there is a bit of a process. Last night I was browsing the web and came across some awful reviews of a 13 hour train ride that I would need to take to get me to my final destination. I became frantic with worry and concern because this did not sound like a fun part of the vacation I had planned.

So this morning I sent my friend a message asking about this horrible train ride and telling him I had decided to make the final leg of my journey by plane instead. He immediately called me to say, “Loni, what are you so busy worrying about?” You do your part and leave the rest up to me. I’VE GOT THIS.” When he said that I felt an immediate sense of relief and I let go of the worry.

Now the reason that I was able to let go of the worry and fear is because I know WHO this friend is. He is my RELIABLE friend, my TRUSTWORTHY friend. We have years of history together, we have traveled many times together and I know in my heart that when he tells me HE’S GOT THIS that I can 100% count on him and the statement that has just been made.

You see unbeknownst to me he had already made plans for the last leg of my journey and no it did not involve a 13 hour train ride, but instead a short and comfortable 50 minute flight that he would be taking with me. So while I was busy worrying and trying to figure out things on my own my friend already had the plan and it was much better than the plans I was trying to make on my own.

Isn’t this who God wants to be in our lives? We can believe the promises that God has made to us and let go of the worry because we know WHO God is. God is RELIABLE, God is TRUSTWORTHY, God’s love NEVER FAILS and His GRACE IS UNENDING.

So many times we hear these things spoken to us or over us but it sometimes it takes real world moments to help the message sink in. I CAN LET GO OF THE WORRY AND THE DOUBTS AND THE ANXIETY, because God is right there saying, “Loni, Why are you so busy worrying? I’VE GOT THIS.” Just like the situation with my friend, unbeknownst to me God has already made plans for me and I KNOW that they are WAY better than any plans I could have made on my own. All I have to do is do my part and GOD will take care of the rest.

So today my prayer for myself and for all of my church family is that we would take a step back and KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the creator of the Universe, the God who PASSIONATELY pursued me and FERVENTLY loves me is behind the scenes in my life and HE’S GOT THIS.

Wow! What a great message. How about we take some time this week to look at God as our "reliable" and "trustworthy" friend? 

Joseph trusted God even when it seemed God wasn't there because Joseph truly believed that God's love was endless, and God's plan was much bigger than Joseph could possibly imagine. As a result, great things happened in Joseph's life.

Come join us this Sunday as we wrap up our Stories series.

See you Sunday!