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radius churchRadius Church.

It's been almost 5 months since we opened our doors, and still less than a year since we really began talking about what Radius Church might look like. In that short time, new relationships have been formed, babies have been born, weddings have been officiated, and lives have been eternally altered. Praise God.

Back in May/June of 2014, Blake visited several families and shared his vision of Radius Church. One by one, family by family, the idea grew into reality. A group of people came together under a common mission and went about the work of starting a church. We had no idea what we were doing, but we trusted Blake and Amanda and had faith God would provide a way. It took a lot of work, probably a few tears, and a ton of guidance from our friends at Momentum Church. But, eventually we did it.

On a Sunday in September 2014, we converted a couple rooms at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club into Radius Church. Then we prayed that someone would show up.

And they did.

We are a people on mission, moving out into ever-widening circles, to change our world.

If you've been to Radius, you've heard that statement over and over. We say it because we mean it. We say it to give it life. We say it because it is who we are. We say it so we don't ever forget why we do what we do.

It's not a Sunday, one and done kind of statement. It's not a check box on your spiritual ToDo list. Being On Mission is something we carry with us everyday. Sure, we aren't always great at it, and it certainly doesn't make us better than anyone else. It doesn't give us any special right, or privileges. What being On Mission does is keep us focused. It keeps our eyes open to opportunities to be used by God. It allows us to be a visible, tangible evidence of Jesus' love in St. Pete.

I could list out all the great things that have happened in peoples' lives as a result of the creation of Radius Church, but they are meaningless when listed out in writing. If you want to know what it is we do, what it is we believe, you'll have to come experience it.

There is nothing radical about our beliefs, but if we, as a group, live out what we believe, it will make a radical difference in this world.

We are a people on mission, moving out into ever-widening circles, to change our world. Will you help us?