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As I was listening to Blake’s message Sunday, the first thing that came to my mind, was my writing is a valley of dry bones.  I haven’t been able to write anything since last October.  Nothing.  Two things happened in October.  My schedule changed so my best time to write (mid morning) was no longer an option.  Disappointment and heartache was the other reason for not having anything to write.  We found out that we would not be travelling to Oregon to visit our extended family for Christmas.  We had already postponed the trip once last summer, and now it was happening again.  It has been two years since I’ve seen my family – the longest span I’ve gone without seeing them.

It’s been discouraging that I have had nothing to say through writing, but I figured this too shall pass and eventually I’ll be inspired to write something again.  

But, can something as “small” as me not being able to write be considered a valley of dry bones?  Shouldn’t it be something bigger; like death, divorce, job loss, or financial devastation? Am I trying to fit my feelings into this story and thinking too much into it and it really isn’t applicable? Maybe.  But if I can use this analogy to improve my relationship with God and improve my situation, it’s a win.

If it’s possible that dry bones can be caused by not only great upsets, but small ones too, we can still ask God to breathe life into them.  Maybe the dry bones were caused by abandoned dreams?  Goals not realized? Disappointment? Hopes dashed?  Hobbies set aside?

I have a feeling we can’t just do a blanket prayer on it all?  That we have to identify and address the different “bones?” 

“Lord, please heal my heart from the disappointment of not being able to see my family.  Please renew my mind so I can have access to thoughts to be able to write again.  Please help me to dream big dreams.  Show me which unaccomplished goals are worth pursuing and which ones to lay to rest.  Please bring me peace about the loss of loved ones and help me to let the pain go.  Please let me reassess my interests and decide which ones I am truly done with, what I can pursue now, and what will have to wait based on this season in my life. Please help me to be a light to others to address their own dry bones and be a light to you.  You make the dead live again.  Nothing is impossible to you.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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