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This Sunday was a little different than every other Sunday at Radius.  Our beloved Roehm family, who leads us in worship tirelessly, was noticeably absent.  Sarah’s dad unexpectedly went home to be with the Lord this past week. We are all broken-hearted for them. We prayed for them and the entire worship team who are experiencing entirely too much loss and challenges. I think Satan was working overtime that morning to try and discourage Blake in his message as well.  On an uncertain day, what better time to increase the uncertainty by attempting to plant seeds of doubt about a very useful and applicable message that would draw us to the living water to strengthen us against the enemy?

But what days and times are certain?  None.  We think they are, but at a moment’s notice, what we thought was certain, is no longer.  If I have dug my wells, those “surprises” may not rock me so hard?  At least, that’s what I’d hope.  More likely, I will still get knocked down.  When I eventually get up, I can remember those wells and can go to them more quickly if I had been tending to them regularly.  

 I’m currently digging a new well, before I knew it was a well.  I have some wells that I go to that are no longer quenching my thirst.  I still go to them because I know they are good for me, just like eating vegetables, exercising, and drinking water, etc.  I enjoy listening to sermons on podcasts while getting ready for my day.  I also enjoy listening to worship music.  I lead a Bible study that meets once a month (this one is very fulfilling).  And I cannot wait to get back to my small group at Radius.  But I knew something was missing and has been: getting into the Word.  I know what I needed was someone to hold me accountable.  One of my friends is in the Bible everyday this season, so I have been texting her every day that I read.  And I know that she will follow up with me if she doesn’t hear from me.  I feel the difference even after just a few days.

I can see how this well-digging would cause people like me a problem, however.  I am a doer.  I could start digging lots of wells (doing), and then not be with Jesus.  I can get all busy for the Lord (my new wells), but not grow closer to God.  For me, when I am starting to feel disconnected from God, I need to find a new way to connect to Him.  Once I do, I need to stick with that until that dries up.  Then dig a new well.  I used to listen to sermons while I ran.  I got so much out of that.  But then, it dried up.  It’s frustrating when what once worked, no longer does.  A well that I think would be good for me, but it goes against every fiber of my being, is meditating on God’s word or sitting quietly before the Lord.  I’m not ready to dig that well yet.   

I did something new for the first time in my life Sunday – I went to both services at Radius.  I’ve never been in the position or had a desire to attend two services anywhere.  I had no idea what to expect when hearing the “same” sermon twice?  Well, the sermons aren’t exactly the same.  I got something from both because they were different enough.  I wish I could go back and listen to both.  If you missed the message, I encourage you to listen to it here and then go get your shovel.