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Happy New Year!  It’s 2018!  

There’s so many exciting things that happen in our lives when we feel like we get that fresh start in January each year.  Some will quit bad habits; some will begin good habits.  Some of us will shift and adjust priorities as we reflect back on the things we’d like to change from the past year.  

It can be a fresh start in your soul health and in the life of your church family as well.  At Radius, where our gatherings are to hear from and speak to God, we like to mix that idea up on the First Sunday of the year and start the year in fresh exciting ways.   Though we meet corporately, we individually move throughout our gathering space to the stations set up to aid us in interacting with God.  It’s a great way to carve out time for personal reflection and response to what we hear Him saying to us.  

This year, we’ll reflect through interactive stations focused on prayer, communion, forgiveness, worship, and God’s shaping of us in this new year.  Many other stations will be set up- including our one word station.  This station has become a Radius tradition, where we pray and set a course for the year with individual one word focuses rather than resolutions.   Some stations may feel familiar and others will be new, but, for all of us, it’s a shift from our regular-styled gathering into a special start to 2018.  Go to all or as many stations as you like in whatever order works for you.  Relax.  There’s not a wrong way to walk the stations.  Our prayer for you is that your heart is open to hear from God and that the environment and the prompts help you to do that.     

Rad Kids elementary and preschool will be starting new lessons on First Sunday in their regular gathering times as well as regular nursery- so that you can be sure to be a part of what God wants to do in us as a church family in this new year!  

See you soon!