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I have a nervous bladder--- what I mean by that is when I’ve had opportunities to speak, let’s say at a

conference--- I’ll have to slip off to the restroom several times right before I go to speak and sometimes

I’ll be speaking multiple times that day, so that’s a lot of restroom breaks. It’s a funny thing because

when you’re in a bathroom stall at such a conference, other people are often talking about the speaker

and the message they just heard. It’s a strange thing to hear others speak about you without realizing

that you are present. 

Now when I was a teenager, I used to want to know what others would say about me if I wasn’t there-

maybe a certain guy or another friend--- it makes me think of the old cliché--- a fly on the wall. Yes,

sometimes, when I was younger, I would have wanted to be the proverbial fly on the wall.

But now, having experienced more of life and even a couple of conferences with a nervous bladder,

what is overheard is not always what you want to hear about yourself, but if the statements you hear

are life-giving they can change you for the good and give you confidence.

This month’s series focuses entirely on statements and overarching ideas that God has spoken over each

of us as His people. I know it’s a place He wants us all to live, a place He wants us all to meditate on, and

a place He wants us all to share with others. We’ve had one talk so far--- and here is how the series will

stack up with God statements--- I Am God’s Child. I Am His Heir. I Am Chosen. I Am Blessed. I Am


How can these statements change us? How would living in the Truth of Who God Says We Are give us

more confidence to obey and live for Him?

This week, we heard that God calls us His child. One of His own. Belonging to Him. Through salvation, it

is miraculous what we receive--- what an identity to be a child of His! I pray that we all live changed and

in confidence from this Truth.

So maybe I’ve heard a few things spoken over me from a bathroom stall, but if you were the fly on God’s

wall- what you would hear about yourself would be life-giving. You would hear Him say--- You are His

child. You are His heir. You are chosen. You are blessed. And you would hear Him say You are