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I am your over the top protective parent the kind of parent that my family called the hawk when my daughter was a toddler long before the term helicopter parent even existed.You know most times we don’t even realize how active God is around us on a daily basis as his children. He is the ultimate helicopter parent watching and hovering over us. He keeps us safe from so many dangers and pit falls that we never even knew were there. He is constantly removing the banana peels from our path and keeping us upright. How many times have we narrowly avoided an fall or an accident and said thank God with out really stopping to think that he really was watching and did intervene. Or when you drop your toast and it lands jelly side up was that luck or Gods doing?

Before I became a Christian I became a father and there is no ask to small that my daughter could not come to me for. Dad can you brush my hair. Dad can you tie my shoe. So why is it so hard for me to go to the Father for the little things?Why do I feel that my prayers can only be for the big things? I can remember before I was saved laughing at my mom for praying for a parking spot.  I would laugh and say why would you trouble the Lord with such trivial things. At service yesterday I finally got it. If I loved doing the little things for my daughter then of course my Father would love doing the little things for me. I think it was Blake saying how completely we were children of God and coheirs with Christ. That we share in everything with him. The joys the sorrows the rewards as well as the pain. The truth I finally got was there truly is no limit to what you can ask the Father for big or small meaningful or silly. Like any loving parent he will be there for you. So the next time you need a parking spot just ask your Father for help and when that spot opens up don’t forget to say thanks Dad you’re the best.