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“Spiritual work is HARD.”  What?  I don’t know about you, but that is not what I want to hear.  Even though I know Amanda is right.  In the last week of October’s gathering, we dove deep into the discomfort of our comfort.

If following Jesus was easy, we’d all do it.  We’d have no trouble making time to spend with God.  We’d spend time in His word daily and have plenty of time to serve others.  Using the excuse, “I’m too busy,” sounds so lame here.  However, that’s the excuse I have used.

I know many things were a lot harder during the time of 1 Samuel when Saul planted himself under a tree and Jonathan and his armor bearer chose to fight the Philistines with one sword.  So when times are easy and when times are difficult, we humans can be lazy, aka “too busy.”

I don’t consider myself lazy.  I am productive and efficient and get lots done during the day.  But when it comes to my faith, I am Saul under the tree.  I don’t want to be Saul.  I want to be Jonathan or his armor bearer.  Both have crazy faith.  I want crazy faith.  I want to step out in faith and I want to back those who do as well.

Amanda challenged us: “May it never be said of that we are hiding in our holes in fear!” I agree whole heartedly.  I wonder though, are we really in fear or are we just comfortable?  When we’re comfortable, we are ineffective.  When we’re ineffective, Satan is going to leave us alone, for the most part.  Perhaps he just makes it really appealing to stay where we are. Why would Satan even bother with us when we’re not a threat?  If we’re not a threat to Satan, we’re completely useless to God.

So we may not even feel stuck.  We may feel just fine.  And feeling just fine may be worse than feeling stuck.  When we feel stuck, we want to make a change.  When we feel fine, why change anything?

In our comfort, Satan may leave us alone, but thankfully, God will not.  God will help us get out of our own way.  He may start with a whisper, prompting us to move.  When we ignore Him, He may give us a nudge.  And depending on how long we resist, how stubborn we are, we can find ourselves in the middle of a hurricane clinging to our camp under a tree, refusing to let go of the comfort we once knew but that is no longer working.

 I’ve been nudged and I’ve been in a hurricane.  I do not want to find myself in a hurricane again.  It was the worst.  But once I finally submitted, I was on fire for the Lord.  I do want that fire back.

So, who am I going to choose to resist?  Will I resist the Enemy, whispering lies of complacency into me so I will stay where I am?  Or will I resist God and the hard work and commitment that it takes to follow Him and have crazy faith?  Personally, I have been through enough storms and am feeling stuck and I ain’t got time for the Enemy and his lies.  And if anything, 2020 has made me more rebellious and contrary, so I’m up for another challenge.  One that is worth it!  Bring it on!

Do you want to join me in crazy faith? Because I certainly cannot do it on my own.  I know enough to know we don’t follow Jesus alone.  Come and let us cross over together in community!

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