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Radius Video ProducitonWhat a crazy time in world history that we are getting to live and be a part!  In March, Radius began the journey of livestreaming.  A goal that we had from the beginning was realized as the need to gather while not in person increased.  We are so grateful for the faithful team that made livestreaming and now steady part of who Radius is.  Special thank you’s to the team at Communicasting Studios led by Frank Ranieri, to Andrew LaChance our production team lead, to Cassie Corral, to Andrew Roehm and the entire worship team.  Through your extra work and dedication through an unprecedented season, Radius is able to meet people right where they are in new and fresh ways virtually.  Wherever you are in your lives processing Covid-19 and its ramifications—we invite you to never miss a gathering.  Now, if in person is not an option- don’t miss out on our livestream each week at 11 am.  If you have a chance, say thank you to one of those listed above that helped us make this incredible option possible. 


Radius Food MinistryStill Serving During a Pandemic

A lot of incredible opportunities arose from the needs of our community during pandemic--- one of those that we were able to immediately meet was the increase of need in our homeless community.  Many of our friends in need found themselves without other Sunday meal options during the pandemic and your Radius team continued to serve faithfully.  We’ve experienced an average increase of those we feed each Sunday morning to being around 100 now consistently.  Before COVID, the average was closer to 60-70 people.  This team serves food at 8:30 every Sunday and they are always looking for people to help serve and for people who can donate food items as well.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will connect you to this incredible team of tangible visible love. 


Continuing Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown SeriesIf you haven’t been singing Into the Unknown for the month of September, chances are you’ve missed this month’s series of talks!  We have been relishing digging into the story of the people of Israel and their journey out of Egypt.  Looking at the unknowns they faced and how we too can face our own unknowns.  Every week has been filled with good stuff that helps us live our lives despite fear.  If you don’t know, all of our messages can be found at in the connect tab under messages.  So, you never have to miss a week, no matter what your schedule.  We look forward to closing out the Into the Unknown series this week with Blake’s talk--- Hope you can catch it and that we’ll find you humming with the rest of your church family--- Into the Unknown. 


PB&J Locator

Thanks to an invite from Green Bench Brewery, the PB Jelly Deli Food Truck has had a temporary permanent place for the last several weekends.  We plan to use this as a home base through the weekend of October 9-11.  So, if you haven’t had a chance to catch your favorite pb&j sandwich yet--- you’ve got a little bit of time still and you better make plans!  Seasonally, we just reintroduced the “It’s Fall Ya’ll” for an autumn special--- It’s a pumpkin spice walnut butter, apple cider jam, sliced red apples, marshmallow fluff and Rice Krispies.  It’s beyond delicious and has all you need for getting into the spirit of the season!  Hope to see you at Green Bench soon--- Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Follow your Food Truck on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all our goings-on! 


Radius 6th BirthdayFeeling oh so sixy! 

Radius turns 6!  On September 13th, we celebrated 6 years together!  We took a few minutes to reflect on all God has done in the last year and praised Him together!  Like always, we celebrated with a new shirt!  Woo hoo!  If you didn’t attend and get your free shirt, never fear!!!  They are now for purchase for $10 at the welcome desk!  Be sure to grab yours!  Special thanks to Kai for his design and as always--- we love our White House Custom Team who takes care of making our shirts!  For our birthday present, we were able to send love to the Reach St. Pete organization by collecting $1116 to give to them as they continue their mission of loving our community!  So much fun and celebration!  Happy Birthday, Radius!  Psalm 118:23--- This is the Lord’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.


What’s happening in our family ministries?

In Rad Kids—we’ve been combining our nursery and preschool and continued to give our preschool a brief and age appropriate Bible lesson.  In our elementary class, our elementary pastor, Laura Carroll, is on hiatus as she continues to care for her elderly father at home.  We look forward to when she will be able to return to lead us well.  In the meantime, we’ve continued to teach in elementary using tactile and engaging lessons- now designed by our Rad Kids preschool and nursery coordinator, Jenn Gaskins.  Thank you to Jenn for stepping into the need and a special thank you to every Rad Kids leader during this season!  We have appreciated those who have been willing to serve in this special time!  We invite you to reserve your child’s spot each week for in person at  We close kids reservations late Saturday evening to help us best prepare for Sunday’s gathering!  We look forward blessing your child in person whenever possible!



The Unknown seriesIn Rad Students--- September has been an exciting time!  As students returned to school, we returned to Rad Student lessons.  To encourage participation, we’ve used engaging packages each week full of random items as we study The Unknowns by going through the story of Naaman.  Each student receives their bag of random and waits each week to get on our Monday night Zoom call to learn what each item has to do with the story.  If you have students in middle school or high school, this group connects in ways that will be a part of their spiritual formation for years.  We would love to get your student involved.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more! 


A Letter from your pastors---

Our hearts are for you in this season.  Wherever September finds you, let us know how we can connect and pray for you!  We invite you to join us for Wednesday prayer times at noon on Facebook as a way to feel united with your church family in the middle of your work week.  As we prayed asking God to help us lead and help others connect well in this season, we felt God lead us to begin a Wednesday night Bible study in the book of Revelation.  We’ve been able to teach through this book together and have enjoyed being in person and online.  If you’ve missed it--- catch the archived studies at under the Connect tab.  We plan to take a few weeks off at the conclusion of Revelation and then begin another Wednesday night series.  We hope it’s another way to see your church family--- to hear from and speak to God--- and to refill and recharge your spirit to continue to be a radius of love in all of your circles.  Sending love and prayers to you. 

Peace—Blake and Amanda Clark