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Next Step – Serving

We understand that for us to we move out in ever-widening circles, we need to have a strong foundation that is supported by the people who are passionate about that mission.  We have below a wide selection of teams that give us the support that enable to move out to change our world.  Take time to look through the team opportunities and see where you best fit.

If you see a team that you would like more information about, please contact us at Serve Info

Serve Teams

Children Team

Our Children’s serve team consist of adult and student volunteers with a desire to bless children. We serve on Sunday mornings arriving at 10:30am to meet our kids and new friends for the 11am service. We have 3 areas for serving nursery, preschool and radkids.

Worship/Production Team

Worship – Our worship team consist of people whose desire is to lead others in authentic worship. We are people whose talent and passion in music converge with our desire to serve the Lord.

This team serves every Sunday morning arriving at 9:30 to setup and run through Sunday’s set.  They also meet for a separate weekly practice.

Production – Our Production team consist of people who enjoy the ability to participate in running technical needs of the Gathering.  This would include sound board operation, camera operation, running ProPrensenter and etc..  Our production team see that their role is vital in allowing people to experience authentic worship.  We hold high, consistency, creativity and commitment to excellence.

HIGH 5 Team

Our High 5 team offers Hospitality in God’s House by greeting new friends and partners in five areas – including parking, welcome table, café, door holding and ushering within the gathering.  We determine a new friend’s first experience with radius and make every effort to set at ease, create an environment of joy and truly develop opening friendships. HIGH 5 consist of people who are outgoing, relaxed, and knowledgeable of who radius is and what radius has to offer.  We serve on Sunday morning at 10:15am to meet our regulars as well as new friends.


Students Team

Our Student team consist of Rad Volunteers who are committed to loving, disciplining, and inspiring students to live on mission.  They will engage once a month with our RadStudents.  We are a people who have a passion to invite students to know God and make Him known


Setup Team (S.Q.U.A.D.)

          Our setup team consist of rock star volunteers who are committed to creating environments that communicate the visible tangible love of Jesus.  We arrive weekly at 9:30am and ready our gathering space for new friends and partners.  We are people gifted in serving, love being behind the scenes and love the team atmosphere found among those who set up.


Response Team

          Our response team consist of prepared and equipped volunteers readied for times of greatest need during our gatherings.  We are a team devoted to protect and love our new friends, partners and community.  We are who God uses to fix problems as they arise. While praying that we’re rarely needed.  Emergencies are where we thrive!


Prayer Team

Our Prayer team consist of people who value and enjoy intercessory prayer for the body. We pray together and separately for gatherings. Specifically we pray over meeting spaces, over leadership, the Word being heard and for the Holy Spirits power to transform lives.  We are a people who believe in a complete empowering from the Holy Spirit to the believer and love to pray for the release of these gifts in the body.


Care Team

Our Care team consist of people who are called to love our Radius Body through providing meals, mowing lawns and any other need that might arise as we love the families who are sick, grieving  or in need.  We see our place as the Barnabus of the body.  Seeking to encourage people wherever they find themselves. We want to be a radius of grace in one of the closest circles of radius.


Design Team

Set Design – Do you have an eye for design, are you passionate about creating a space that speaks?    Our Set Design team consists of people who love design and are passionate about creating and implementing set designs complementing gathering series.  This team meets before upcoming series and creates the aesthetic look for the room.  They are also involved in making sure the sets are in place before gathering each week.  This team understands the value of visual communication and seeks to create unique and creative design that will drive the message home.

Graphic/Print Design – This team consists of individuals that have the creativity and talent to create outstanding graphic art.  This team would be responsible for Series graphics as well as other graphics that would be needed in print or on social media.  They understand that creativity, promptness and originality are highly valued on this team.  They take pride in the fact that their designs will spark interest and create momentum as radius seeks to move forward.