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Worship (Andrew Roehm) — Our worship team consist of people whose desire is to lead others in authentic worship. We are people whose talent and passion in music converge with our desire to serve the Lord. This team serves every Sunday morning arriving at 9:30 to setup and run through Sunday’s set. They also meet for a separate weekly practice on Thursday nights

Production (Andrew LaChance) — Our Production team consist of people who enjoy the ability to participate in running technical needs of the Gathering. This would include sound board operation, camera operation, ProPresenter and Live Stream Operations. Our production team see that their role is vital in allowing people to experience authentic worship. We hold high, consistency, creativity and commitment to excellence.

Stage Host (Blake Clark) — This team consist of people who serve by hosting at a gathering. Their responsibilities consist of Welcome, Giving, Highlights and Shakeup. We are looking for people who feel comfortable speaking in front of people and have a desire to help move the momentum of the gathering forward.