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Set Design — Do you have an eye for design, are you passionate about creating a space that speaks?    Our Set Design team consists of people who love design and are passionate about creating and implementing set designs complimenting gathering series.  This team meets before upcoming series and creates the aesthetic look for the room.  They are also involved in making sure the sets are in place before gathering each week.  This team understands the value of visual communication and seeks to create unique and creative design that will drive the message home.

Graphic/Print Design (Rob Vanasco) —  This team consists of individuals that have the creativity and talent to create outstanding graphic art.  This team would be responsible for Series graphics as well as other graphics that would be needed in print or on social media.  They understand that creativity, promptness and originality are highly valued on this team.  They take pride in the fact that their designs will spark interest and create momentum as radius seeks to move forward.