Radius has had the opportunity to touch the lives of many as we extend out to create ripples in our community. We've shared many smiles, many tears, but more importantly the many memories we've gathered on our mission.

At Radius Church, our goal is to move out in ever-widening circles touching as many lives as possible while spreading the Gospel. We have been very fortunate to encounter many wonderful people inside and outside of the community that continue to remain in our thoughts.

Love in the Community

Radius Church in the Community

Our middle to high-schoolers sure know how to take us on a good time. The laughter and cheers generated by our activities propel our gatherings into a smile-sore night. It has been a pleasure to see them mature their relationships with God through fellowship.

Rad Times with RadStudents

RadStudents Photo Gallery

Nursery through elementary school kids are rad! We love to bless kids, and to do so with so many great children is a great opportunity. A fun-filled environment where we can dance, laugh, and learn together makes for a great experience for everyone.

RadKids Children's Ministry

RadKids Photo Gallery