We understand that for us to move out in ever-widening circles, we need to have a strong foundation that is supported by the people who are passionate about that mission.  We have a wide selection of teams that give us the support that enables us to move out to change our world.  

Take time to look through the team opportunities and see where you could belong.

Rad Kids

Our Children’s serve team consists of adult and student volunteers with a desire to bless children. We serve on Sunday mornings arriving at 8:45 am to meet our Rad kids and new friends for the 9:15 gathering. And we arrive at 10:30 am to meet our Rad kids and new friends for the 11 am gathering. We have 4 areas of serving which are nursery, preschool, elementary and our check in station. Team Lead: Kristen Gericke
Coordinators — Elementary: Kristen Gericke
Preschool/Nursery: Jenn Gaskin

Rad Students

Our Student team consists of Rad Volunteers who are committed to loving and inspiring students to live on mission.  Our team serves on Monday nights helping with meals, games, and groups.  This is a team committed to building relationships with young people and creating a space where students feel known and accepted.
Team Lead: Kirsten Knox


Our worship team consists of people whose desire is to lead others in authentic praise. We are people whose talent and passion in music converge with our desire to serve the Lord and His people by leading them into spaces of worship. This team serves every Sunday morning arriving at 8:00 am to prepare and run through Sunday’s set.  They also meet for a separate weekly practice, currently on Thursday nights.
Team Lead: Andrew Roehm


Our Production team consists of those who enjoy assisting in the technical needs of the Gathering.  This would include sound board operation, camera operation, running ProPrensenter and other similar needs. Our production team plays a vital role in attendees hearing from and speaking to God in our gatherings.  Our team values consistency, creativity and a commitment to excellence.
Team Lead: Andrew Lachance


Our Care team consists of people loving our Radius church family through providing meals, mowing lawns, sending cards and any other need that might arise.  We are called to love the families who are sick, grieving or in any need.  This team wants to be an encouragement to our Radius family. We want to be a radius of grace in one of the closest circles of Radius.  
Team Lead: Melinda Ranieri

High 5

Our High 5 team offers Hospitality in God’s House by greeting new friends and partners in five areas.  These areas include parking, welcome table, café, door holding and ushering within the gathering.  This team plays a vital role in a new friend’s first experience with Radius attempting to create an environment of joy, to begin friendships and help everyone make themselves at home in the space. The HIGH 5 team are people who are outgoing, relaxed, and are willing to be knowledgeable of who Radius is and what Radius has to offer.  This teams serves on Sunday morning arriving before each gathering and hosting even as gatherings begin.
Team Lead: Ben White


Our response team consists of prepared and equipped volunteers readied for times of greatest need during our gatherings.  We are a team devoted to protect and love our new friends, partners and community.  This team is who God uses to fix problems on Sunday mornings as they arise, while also praying that the team is rarely needed.  Team Lead: Jose Alvelo


This team is made up of individuals with the talent to design graphics for series and for our highlights. This team works hand in hand with our pastoral team to create images that help us tell the story of Radius and to hear from and speak to God.  This team understands that creativity, promptness and originality are highly valued as they serve in this capacity.
Team Lead: Blake Clark


Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

If you see a team that you would like more information about, please contact us.

Questions about SERVING?