What is Partnership?

At Radius Partnership is a personal commitment to join this community in seeing the mission and vision of Radius Church accomplished.  We liken partnership to membership, with the differences being in our call to action and movement. We say that partnership is a way to link arms with others in the church family to be a part of the mission of Radius Church and ultimately the Great Commission that Jesus gave us.  Partnership requires an active commitment and we ask each partner to renew their commitment on a yearly basis.  This renewal gives each partner an opportunity to reflect on partnership and gives everyone the opportunity to step back if they do not feel like they can wholeheartedly engage.


We believe that partnership is a commitment both ways.  
Below we have listed the agreements of both sides of this partnership. 


I understand and commit that as a partner of Radius Church:
  • I recognize the value of serving in the circles of Radius Church (gatherings, groups, community). I commit to serving the church family and the community.
  • I will seek the will of God in my life and for Radius Church through authentic prayer and the devotion to God’s Word.
  • I will cheerfully give financially to support the mission of Radius Church.
  • I will abide by the Bible which is the inspired word of God. I subscribe to the teaching, constitution, and bylaws of Radius Church.

Radius Church

I understand that Radius Church commits to its partners by:
  • Cultivating a culture of service by appreciating, equipping, and encouraging partners to thrive on mission, in order to stay true to the vision God has given for Radius Church.
  • Praying for and with its partners. Seeking to make decisions guided by God as revealed to leadership and through partnership.
  • Accomplishing the mission of Radius Church by being good stewards of the resources God gives.
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