our strategy

We are a people on mission moving out in ever-widening circles to change our world. 

 “God’s message was preached in ever-widening circles,
and the number of disciples increased vastly in Jerusalem…” Acts 6:7 (TLB)

Our Mission

We are a people on mission moving out in ever-widening circles to change our world. We seek to inspire all who attend to be a radius of Jesus in their family, community, and world.

We are passionate about getting people on mission for Jesus, and we see these 3 circles as the way.

The Circles are not isolated but instead they overlap. We believe that the convergence of these circles is the optimal place for a follower of Jesus to find themselves on mission.  We want to INSPIRE every follower to exist there.


We chose an icon of a signal tower to represent two way communication. Just as a signal tower sends and receives information, our gatherings are designed to give everyone the opportunity to hear from and speak to God.

By giving attendees opportunities to hear from and speak to God, we know that He will transform lives.  


The icon we use for groups is the cross section of tree rings.  This represents the growth that happens within our Radius homes.  We know that relationships with each other and with God have opportunities to grow when we sit around in circles with each other, like in groups.  

Our groups are about Bible studies and also about community.  Because of that, you’ll find some of our groups highlight hanging out while some of our groups focus on specific studies about God.  We think both are important for our growth as people and as a church family.  Our Radius home groups happen in spring and fall seasons..  In our “off-seasons,” you’ll find other groups that meet like Rad Men and Rad Women that are also a part of our circle of growth.  There’s a lot of ways to get involved in the circle of Groups.


Our icon for community is a water ripple.  It prompts us to remember that one stone dropped in the water will send ripples out from the impact.  

Likewise, our acts of love in our community create ripples of effect from that impact.  We believe each of us has opportunities to make ripples in our community by being the love of Jesus.  We also know that as a church family, our combined resources and circles of influence help us to make larger and more impacts in our community.  We believe that the ripple effects of our visible tangible love can reach more and more people and that some of those impacts may not even be seen until eternity.